Award Eligibility

Nominees eligible for submitting their entries need to meet the following criteria:

  • All stakeholders involved in a facility from the Developers (Freehold/JOP), Property Consultants, Service Providers, Facilities Management Companies, Community Management/Owners Associations/Asset Management Companies, and FM Suppliers are eligible to enter the awards in the applicable categories.
  • If the entry criteria are met for a particular category, you may nominate: your own company, a supplier, a business partner, or even a client. 3rd party nominations as well as self nominations are accepted. Nominations should be detailed written submissions answering the category criteria with a supporting documents pdf to allow the judges to make informed decisions.
  • Each company/facility must be at least 1 year old in operations in the UAE.
  • Individuals being nominated must have a valid visa for a Middle Eastern country
  • You may nominate your company in only three applicable categories. And, you can only submit three entries in each category.
  • All nominations should be submitted via the online entry form. Nominations submitted via email will not be acknowledged.
  • Entries should be mainly based on the period starting from January 2019 to the time of nomination. However, relevant material for work carried out prior to January 2019 will be considered where applicable.
  • The organisers reserve the right to amend or remove award categories. The judging panel has the right to withhold any award if, in its view, the entries do not meet the required standards.
  • The jury’s decision will be final and binding on all nominees, and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.
  • Nominations must be done through the event website which involves a quick, simple registration, followed by a written nomination of up to 500 words to summarise the entry and the key points for the judges’ consideration.

Nominations to Open Soon.